15 Examples Of Why You Can’t Even Handle Earth Right Now

Earth is a pretty intense place. Can you handle these extremes? You’ll never know unless you try. Go on your own adventure, like Captain Henry Morgan did. Check out this YouTube channel to see what we’re talking about.

1. Highest Elevation: Mount Everest - China/Nepal - 29,029 ft

Ok, this was an easy one. Everyone knows that Everest is the beastliest mountain.

2. Highest Recorded Temperature: July 1913 - Death Valley, CA - 134.1F

So hot, you could cook an egg on a rock. So hot, SPF 5,000 is recommended. So hot, you’d need an IV drip to replenish the fluids you’re sweating out. You get it.

3. Lowest Recorded Temperature: July 1983 - Vosok Station, Antarctica - -128.6F

So cold, you forgot you had toes. So cold, penguins won’t even get in the water. So cold - alright, seriously. You get it.

4. Greatest Vertical Drop: Mount Thor, Canada - 4,101ft

A natural 90 degree angle drop - appropriately named after a hammer-weilding Norse God.

5. Hottest Inhabited Place: Dallol, Ethiopia - annual average: 93.9F

Indrik myneur / Via fotopedia.com

This place is this hot year ‘round. That’s too many degrees, people.

6. Coldest Inhabited Place: Eureka, Canada - annual average: -3.5F

You can only have so many cups of hot chocolate in front of a roaring fire. Enough is enough, Canada.

7. Lowest Known Point: Challenger Deep - 35,797 feet below sea level

Only three people have ever been to the bottom of this thing, which is in the Mariana Trench. One of them was film director James Cameron.

8. Point Farthest Away From Land: Pacific Pole of Inaccessibility - 1,670 miles from land

Otherwise known as “the stuff of nightmares.”

9. Most Remote Island: Bouvet Island, Norway - 994 miles from land

This island is uninhabited - probably because cell reception doesn’t quite make it out there.

10. Most Rainfall in One Minute: Barst, Guadeloupe - November 1970 - 1.5"

Think of the puddles. Oh, the puddles.

11. Largest Snowflake: Fort Keogh, MT - January 1887 - 15" in diameter

Try to catch that one on your tongue.

12. Most Snow in a Year: Mt. Rainier, WA - 1971 - 102ft

In New York City, when we get a single foot of snow, people don’t know what to do with themselves.

13. Fastest Wind Ever Recorded: Oklahoma City, OK - May 1999 - 301mph

Granted, this 3 second gust was inside a tornado, but whatever. It’s still insane.

14. Largest Hailstone: Vivian, SD - July 2010 - 20" in diameter

30 Lines / Via Flickr: 30lines

Gone are the days where a hailstorm meant a few friendly pebbles bouncing off of your roof. This hailstone is a life-ruiner.

15. Longest Lightning Bolt: October 2001 - 120 miles

As if thunder isn’t scary enough.

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