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12 Simple Ways To Throw A Classy Halloween Party

Put down the fake spiderweb and step away from the dancing skeleton. Throw a party in style, with help from Captain Morgan.

1. Print spooky images onto old book pages.

Or buy these prints here.

2. Go vintage with some black and white bunting.

3. Make centerpieces mixing pillar candles and "things in jars."

4. Cover pillows in fabric inspired by curiosity shops.

5. Serve apple cider in hollowed-out apples.

6. Instead of carving, wrap pumpkins in gold leaf.

7. Make an adult pumpkin pie.

8. Make old-timey warning labels that double as drink name tags.

9. Serve black and white candy in apothecary jars.

10. Surround your outdoor space with candles.

11. Use gothic silhouettes to decorate your walls.

12. Make obituary place cards.