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Captain's May Day Mango Mixer featuring DIY Origami Cups

This little origami keeps the banter going when the crew gets too big!


200 millilitres Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold Rum (Serves 4 - 1.9 Units Per Serving)

250 millilitres mango juice

Juice of 1 lime

500 millilitres cream soda

To Serve

1 lime, sliced to garnish (optional)



1. Fill a large pitcher with ice.

2. Add Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold, mango juice, and lime juice to the pitcher.

3. Add the cream soda.

4. Pour into an origami cup.

5. Top with an optional slice of lime.

6. Enjoy!

The Origami Cup

1. Cut / tear A4 paper into a square

2. Cut / tear baking paper into diamond shape and lay on top

3. Fold both into an isosceles triangle

4. From the top point of the upside isosceles triangle, fold both and make a crease

5. Unfold this crease

6. Fold the bottom left point of the triangle to meet the right hand side of the crease you made in step 4.

7. Repeat step 5 but the opposite way; folding the bottom right point to the upper left crease.

8. Fold down the top point of the top triangle to meet ⅔ down the paper.

9. Turn over the paper and repeat step 7, but on the other side.

10. Open out the cup, to reveal the finished product!