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11 Foods You'll Want To Turn Into Shot Glasses For Your Pregame

Who knew cinnamon roll shot glasses and Captain Morgan LocoNut could taste so good? New Captain Morgan LocoNut looks, smells, and — yeah, you guessed it — tastes like a coconut.

1. The Miami Ice Shooter

What you’ll need:

* Shot glass mold

* Fruit punch

* Lemon zest

Channel your inner detective this summer and cool down with a fruity Miami Vice–inspired shot. Don’t forget to top the whole thing off with some lemon zest.

2. Loco-rita Key Lime Shooter

What you’ll need:

* Key limes

* Salt (for rim)

Turn these lil' limes into tangy shooters. Don’t forget the salt rim!

3. Pineapple Sunset Shooter

What you’ll need:

* Pineapple

* Tiny umbrella topper

Channel your inner beach babe with this tropical pineapple shooter.

4. Macadamia Nut Cookie Shooter

What you’ll need:

* Shot glass mold

* Macadamia nut cookie batter

* Cupcake tin

* Whipped cream

Celebrate a hot day with these easy-to-make macadamia nut shooters. Top ‘em off with some whipped cream!

5. Sinful Cinnamon Roll Shooters

What you’ll need:

* Shot glass mold

* Premade cinnamon rolls

* Icing

* Cinnamon

What’s better than the smell of fresh cinnamon rolls right out of the oven? Fresh cinnamon rolls with a shot of LocoNut!

6. Rainbow Island Shooter

What you’ll need:

* Shot glass mold

* Chewy fruit candy

You need a shot as colorful as you — and why not make it with your favorite candy, too?

7. Banana Boat Shooter

What you’ll need:

* Banana (best if green and not fully ripe)

* Melted dark chocolate

* Coconut flakes

Dip these fun banana boat shooters in dark chocolate and roll ‘em in coconut flakes.

8. Coconut S’more Shooter

What you’ll need:

* Large marshmallow

* Melted dark chocolate

* Toasted coconut flakes

S’mores are the perfect summer snack, so why not treat yourself and create your own adult s’mores shot by adding a bit of Captain Morgan LocoNut? Swap out crushed graham cracker for some toasted coconut flakes.

9. Coco-Chocolate Shooters

What you’ll need:

* Small balloons

* Melted dark chocolate

These sweet summer shooters require some creativity but pay off in the end.

10. Bacon Me Loco Shooter

What you’ll need:

* Bacon

* Milk chocolate

* Shot glass (to wrap the bacon around)

Don’t knock it ‘til you try it. Chocolate-covered bacon might become your new favorite thing!

11. Waffle Cone Shooter

What you’ll need:

* Waffle cone

* Melted dark chocolate

* Shredded coconut on the rim

Listen, this waffle cone shooter is basically dessert. What’s not to love? Roll the cones in shredded coconut and satisfy your sweet tooth.

All you need for the perfect summer shooters is Captain Morgan’s LocoNut and a bit of imagination.

Use your coconut. Drink responsibly.

Photographs by Sarah Stone & Dana Vogel / © BuzzFeed

Header design by Victoria Reyes / © BuzzFeed