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11 Foods You'll Want To Turn Into Shot Glasses For Your Pregame

Who knew cinnamon roll shot glasses and Captain Morgan LocoNut could taste so good? New Captain Morgan LocoNut looks, smells, and — yeah, you guessed it — tastes like a coconut.

1. The Miami Ice Shooter

2. Loco-rita Key Lime Shooter

3. Pineapple Sunset Shooter

4. Macadamia Nut Cookie Shooter

5. Sinful Cinnamon Roll Shooters

6. Rainbow Island Shooter

7. Banana Boat Shooter

8. Coconut S’more Shooter

9. Coco-Chocolate Shooters

10. Bacon Me Loco Shooter

11. Waffle Cone Shooter

All you need for the perfect summer shooters is Captain Morgan’s LocoNut and a bit of imagination.

Use your coconut. Drink responsibly.

Photographs by Sarah Stone & Dana Vogel / © BuzzFeed

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