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13 Images That Perfectly Capture The Thrill Of Commuting

Time to fist-pump your entire way to work and live like the Captain with Captain Morgan.

1. Climbing to the top deck of the bus and finding a free seat at the front.

2. Lining yourself up PERFECTLY with the train doors.

3. Freaking out because you're going to miss the train, then realising this:

4. Successfully getting all the way to work without having to talk to another living soul.

5. The guilty pleasure of witnessing this from the comfort of your train seat:

6. Falling asleep and waking up at your station, as if all along your subconscious knew exactly what was going on.

7. Getting your money's worth.

8. Lining up your tube door perfectly with the nearest exit for a swift escape to the surface.

9. Getting your stealth game on.

10. The satisfaction of making someone remove their bag from a seat and just knowing you're now their most hated person.

11. Sprinting for the bus and the nice driver kindly waiting for you to get on.

12. Rushing to the bus stop, gazing up at the timetable and seeing the most satisfying three-letter word ever:

13. Overhearing totally bizarre conversations about people's lives.

Take life less seriously and have way more fun with Captain Morgan.