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22 Brutally Honest People On Social Media

Laughter is definitely the best medicine, as Captain Morgan will tell you.

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1. This girl, who we're hoping was carrying a clean pair:

i just found underwear in my jeans. it's been in there all day. it's 10pm. i just found them. inside. my. jeans.

2. This unsuspecting glass window:

Antonia Hislop / Buzzfeed

3. The cruelty of public transport:

Courtesy of anonymous

4. This unwanted primary school flashback:

Accidentally accepted friend's little sister on Facebook. Want to delete her, but I'm too scared because she once kicked a teacher at school

5. This valiant attempt at patriotism:

Courtesy of Sarah Williams

6. This clever facade:

People think when I wear a suit I'm making an effort. Little do they know that it's because I haven't done my washing & it's the easy option

7. Nicky's cat:

Nicky Williams / Buzzfeed

8. This defeat at the hands of a humble microwave:

Colleen Stufflebeem / Buzzfeed

9. This reminder that young love can be tough:

I'd laugh at my mate when her boyfriend sent her goodnight texts at 7pm but I used to believe that my ex was doing 24 hour shifts at Clarks

10. This interesting take on AW15 fashion:

Wearing boots, white trousers and an adidas tracksuit top. Looks like I'm going to joyride a horse

11. This shirt:

Chris Dignes / Buzzfeed

12. This 7-year-old with his priorities straight:

Courtesy of anonymous

13. This reason never to look back at your search history:

(Checks search history) "Cats in tights" "Cillian Murphy married?" "Macconnnaughoohee spelling" "Can dogs eat ice cream" Bloody Corbyn.

14. This silver lining:

Best thing about the tube strike is that now I know for certain I'm not fit enough to walk for three solid hours. Couldn't be sure before.

15. And yet, we'd regret nothing:

Eaten so much this week, my sofa is beginning to feel tight.

16. When you just can't choose whom you fall in love with:

Courtesy of anonymous

17. This instance of it being the thought that counts:

Instagram: zightz / Buzzfeed

18. This doctor, possibly in the wrong profession:

Courtesy of anonymous

19. This close shave with the law:

Edwin Hughan / Buzzfeed

20. This age-shaming, which you really could have done without:

One of the worst feelings in the world is filling in a form and realising you've gone up into the next age bracket.

21. This lesson to us all:

Kristin Rossi / Buzzfeed

22. This happy ending:

Found out the other day that I've got one leg longer than the other. At least it explains why I've been hanging all my pictures on the wonk

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