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11 Totally Grown-Up Playdates For You And Your Totally Grown-Up Mates

Fun-seekers, enquire within. Captain Morgan has you covered!

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1. Zorb football. / Via

Very much in the same vein as the geniuses who first dreamt of a basketball court made out of trampolines, we have the latest incredible innovation in sport we've been waiting for: zorb football.

It's the great equaliser – because NO ONE is good at this game. And that's why its the best.

2. Urban golf.

Westend61 / Getty Images

Ever feel like golf needed a kick up the arse? Us too. So why not sign your mates up for a night of urban crazy golf?

In London, leading the way is Plonk London, which you can find in Dalston, their new Hoxton branch, and even at this year's Winterville in Victoria Park too.

3. Escape gaming.

Chatsworth Television / / Via

So, you finally have an opportunity to fulfil that dream of being on a classic game show. In escape gaming, you and your friends have to solve puzzles to get out of a locked room within an hour.

There are loads of venues across Europe, with multiple games in cities such as London, Edinburgh, Prague, and Berlin. These games are super tricky, and you'll need to work well as a team to win – so make sure you bring your best mates.

4. Geocaching.

Kelsey Maclellan / EyeEm / Getty Images

If you're the adventurous type, then how does the world's largest treasure hunt sound?

Geocaching is possibly the coolest thing you've never heard of. In a nutshell, you use a combination of your wits and GPS coordinates to find "caches" left by players all around the world. It's incredibly addictive!

5. Hang out in a shared living room.

Courtesy of Ziferblat Albert Dock

Ziferblat has as much tea, coffee, cake and Wi-Fi as you want, and the only thing you pay for is your time spent there. But the best part? The board games. Kicking back with friends, board games, and free tea, lazing in cosy armchairs, is the stuff dreams are made of.

Ziferblat has spaces in London, Manchester and Liverpool.

6. Roller derby.

Fox Searchlight / Via

So, roller derby is insane. It's a fast-paced contact team sport played on roller skates. It may look super tough but there are over 100 leagues in the UK for every level, and a lot of leagues will teach you how to skate if you don't already know how.

It's mainly played by women, with leagues dominated by all-female teams, but there are a growing number of male and co-ed teams too.

7. Letterboxing.

Sam 17 (CC BY-ND 2.0) / Via

Letterboxing is essentially treasure hunting for grown-ups, and it's pretty awesome. It's rooted in the 19th century, so the older brother to aforementioned geocaching.

You go online to find clues, which point to letterboxes around the world. These letterboxes have a logbook and a stamp hidden inside them, so you can prove you've found the box.

8. Become a spy for the day.

Courtesy of Fire Hazard

I've you've ever fancied yourself as a secret agent or an action hero, then you're in luck. FireHazard run immersive experiences across the UK, including one called "Undercover London".

You and your mates have 90 minutes to evade undercover surveillance and carry out missions in central London.Very Mi5.

9. Bingo.

Courtesy of Rebel Bingo

Yeah, really. Bingo has seen a modern revival over the past few years, which has led the way for some truly crazy (and fun) offerings, such as Rebel Bingo in London, which describes itself as "a very intense and emotional style of bingo." It's basically bingo, clubbing, and a stage show all rolled into one.

Warning: Don't go if you're expecting a nice, quiet game of bingo. It's really not that.

10. Graffiti classes.

Andrew Reynolds (Public Domain) / Via

Grab some artsy (or not so artsy) friends, and head along to a graffiti class to legally indulge your inner street artist. You can find classes for any skill level, so don't worry if you haven't picked up a paintbrush since primary school.

There are classes across the UK, including in Birmingham, Liverpool, and Black Isle.

11. Hunt for ghosts.

Barbara (CC BY 2.0) / Via

Simply Ghost Nights hold ghost hunting events in eerie places throughout Leeds, like Thackray Medical Museum.

They're held at night for that extra-creepy factor, and you get to try out things like ouija boards and even Victorian séances. Spook-tacular.