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Genius Thoughts That Prove The Best Ideas Come In The Shower

Time to unlock your true creative potential with Captain Morgan.

1. This genius way to finally eliminate the world of lukewarm food:

2. This thrifty way to get fit AF:

Gyms should offer a membership package where you pay for everyday that you don't go.

3. How to ensure we can finally, truly eat the entire bag of popcorn:

4. This trippy way to approach birthdays:

5. How to end the sweat-inducing anxiety that comes with handing over your phone:

6. This brilliant way to prepare for job interviews:

7. This app where you'd right-swipe on pretty much everyone:

8. How we could make time machines pay for themselves:

9. How to finally end discrimination against people with an awful memory:

10. This argument for calendar reform that's basically porn for perfectionists:

11. This holiday we desperately need, like, right now:

12. This classification system that just makes sense:

13. This prank, coming soon to a world near you:

When you take life less seriously, you have more fun. Live Like the Captain with Captain Morgan.