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Pirate ASMR Is Now A Thing And TBH It’s What 2019 Needed

Captain Morgan released a spine-tingling ASMR set so you can kick back to the sounds of the sea.

Unless you've been living under a rock – or sailing the seven seas – you've probably encountered ASMR.

ICYMI, ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, which is that tingling feeling you get when you're listening to some seriously satisfying sounds.

It's kind of like listening to nature sounds when you want to relax. But instead of listening to whale noises, you're listening to everyday objects, like people crunching on corn chips or tapping their nails on a desk.

If you're anything like us, you've probably spent hours watching slime and soap cutting videos on the 'gram...

...or been mesmerised by the sounds ASMR influencers make on their mics.

Lucky for us, 2019 has served up some blessings: pirate ASMR.

Seventeenth-century pirate and rum spokesperson Captain Morgan is on a quest to become a social media influencer. After an initial foray into the world of beauty tips, he has now turned his hand to ASMR. And why not? Pirates really know how to kick back at sea.

Enjoy its sweet, sweet sounds:

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Can we take a second to discuss some of the ASMR gifts #CaptainInfluencer showers upon us in this video?

Firstly, the whispering is so crisp and triggering.

And moody looks make the whole sound experience even better.

There's even an environmental message delivered mid-ASMR sesh.

We also discover a new-favourite ASMR trigger: sand.

And revisit an ASMR classic: the sound of carbon escaping from a can.

May 2019 continue to dish up more of this pirate audio magic.

To follow the continuing adventures of #CaptainInfluencer, check out the Captain's socials