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What New Year’s Resolution Do You Want To Give Your BFF?

Are they up for a friendly challenge? Can they even handle it?! Go Full Captain with your BFF this New Year's with Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum!

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2. "Start swiping right more often. You never go on dates but you have all the apps, and you're afraid to use them properly!" —Stephanie

5. "Throw more dinner parties and invite your hot co-worker and introduce me. " —Eva

dinnerseries / CC BY 2.0 / Via

Hiding potential suitors from friends is a criminal offense. RING THE ALARM.

7. "Actively find the positive of every situation instead of gravitating to the negative. It's amazing how drastic your life can change when you do!" —Lauren

9. "Stop telling me I take too many pictures of my cats. YOU DON'T TAKE ENOUGH OF YOURS!" —Hannah

Coutesy of Hannah Lawrence

There is NO such thing as too many cat pics. There IS such a thing as too many, well, other kinds of pics.

11. "Stop asking me to return all the clothes I've borrowed. Also, let me borrow more." —Priya

Courtesy of Priya Minhas

It's like they say: "What's yours is mine and what's mine is mine."

13. "When we go dancing, take up less stage space! I need more room to dance!" —Sothdra

Coutesy of Sothdra Nguon-Devereaux

Sharing (the spotlight) is caring. Everyone knows that.

What New Year's resolution do you want to give to YOUR best friend? Share yours below! And go Full Captain this year with Captain Morgan Old Spiced Rum.

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