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13 Unwritten Rules Of Bar Crawls

Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum is here to make sure your next bar crawl is epic. Ready, set, go!

1. Set a route.

2. Wear matching T-shirts...

3. ...or ridiculous costumes.

4. Never forget a good toast.

Grown up, Tops down; Wear a smile Not a frown

5. Order the weirdest thing on the menu at least once.

6. Keep the pace.

7. Make some friends along the way.

8. People will trail off as the night goes on...

9. ...but leave no woman behind.

10. Pick a hashtag.

11. Stop off for food.

12. There will be photos.

13. Karaoke at least once.

Go Full Captain on your next bar crawl with the OG party spirit and a delicious Captain & Cola.