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Raspberry Peach Mojito

Celebrate summer with this fruity and minty mojito made with Captain Morgan White Rum.


¾ cup sugar

½ cup water

¼ chopped yellow peaches

¼ cup fresh raspberries

1 cup fresh mint leaves

½ cup fresh lime juice

6 ounces Captain Morgan White Rum

Club soda

Peaches, raspberries, mint, lime for garnish


1. In a small saucepan over medium-high heat, simmer sugar, water, peaches, and raspberries. Cook about 10–12 minutes or until peaches have softened and syrup is pink.

2. Strain and reserve.

3. In a glass, muddle 2 tablespoons fresh lime juice and ¼ cup mint leaves. Top with crushed ice. Add 2½ tablespoons syrup, 1½ ounces rum, and top with club soda.

4. Garnish with additional peach, raspberry, and mint leaves.