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Oh, You Think You Could Really Make It As A Marvel Hero? Solve This Murder Mystery To Find Out If You're Right

We already knew villains are bad, right?

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In the kingdom of Marvillainy, Thanos, the guy who needed two movies to be defeated, was MURDERED. You arrive at the crime scene to look for clues, but you find nothing, except for a blank piece of paper. You're puzzled. What is the first question that pops into your head?
Whew! That note sure was misleading, but a heck of a clue. You desperately want to identify this substance, for it's foreign. Luckily, you have Thor, an alien guy, on your side. Thor wants to identify the substance it was written with. He says he doesn't know it. What's the next thing you do?
The substance is identified as "Invisibulus Inkarus," which translates to "invisible ink." You use the same identifier to read what's written. After the identifier translates what's written, you see some handwriting. What's written?
You notice something strange about the note. It had a hell lot of capitalized U. You start thinking about who could have done it, until Phil Coulson calls you to see something. You both see a small piece of wiring. Who do you think is the culprit?
You were proven wrong. Ultron, with a U, your prime suspect, was not the killer. You're now lost in thought. Then, you get an idea. The handwriting! You can do something to obtain all the villains' handwriting! But, what is it?
Your little test works. Now. you know the handwriting, AND the culprit. Who is it?
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