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    Amazing BuzzFeeders!

    Hats off to y'all.

    Hi! It's me AGAIN! I've made some amazing friends throughout my time on BuzzFeed, and I'd really like to give some credit to them in this post. I have not ranked anyone here, so just don't take it too hard, because y'all are equally awesome. So, here goes some cheer to the guys whom I really love and want to thank!


    This BuzzFeeder is really awesome! He makes amazing posts which I really enjoy, and he takes all my quizzes and views all my lists, whether promoted or not. I really enjoyed his 'Are You Spiderman, MJ or Ned Based On The Playlist You Create'. It's really creative! Hats off to you, Spidey!


    Another amazing BuzzFeeder! She's a fan of Rapunzel, and her posts are awesome! One of my favourite quiz of hers is one in which she will tell you what % Rapunzel you are! She also views all my lists and quizzes, plus comments on them, so hats off to you too, Rapunzel!


    Emily and I share a love for Captain Marvel! I'd really like to encourage my friend to make more of quizzes, but she makes some lists with serious star power. She's an amazing artist, and you should check her drawings out! Also, as I said, she views all my quizzes and lists, whether promoted or not. Hats off to you too, Em!


    I made friends with this BuzzFeeder yesterday, but we both share a love for Descendants and Evie. I also took a Descendants quiz of hers, where I got Mal, my fave character! The name is 'Choose A Dress In Every Color And We Will Tell You Which Descendants 3 Lady Character You Are'. You can view it on her profile, since it's not promoted. Other than her Descendants posts, her other posts are awesome too! Hats off to you, Evie!


    I don't know much about him, but he has taken quite a few of my quizzes and viewed my posts, and even I have. I don't have any fave post of his, but he is an amazing BuzzFeeder! Hats off to you too, King George!


    Sara and I share a love for Chris Evans, dogs and Marvel, and her posts are so awesome! I love her post of 'Choose Some Nature Images And We'll Tell You Which Chris Evans Character is Your Soulmate'! I got Steve Rogers/Cap. She sees my promoted posts, and always writes something nice about them. Hats off to you, Sara!


    This BuzzFeeder's posts are really creative! She loves Dollify, and I do too! I have made a Dollify of me, but I love Captain Marvel more, so I'm not changing my profile pic (😅). I recommend her post of 'Design A Shirt You'll Never Wear And We'll Reveal Which Disney/Marvel Mix You Are'. Hats off to you too, Spammie!


    We both love Hunger Games and Enid Blyton. Basically, we love books! Her posts are awesome, and I recommend you to see this post: 'We will give you a book series to read based on the countries you pick'. I got Malory Towers! She has also played my quizzes and seen my lists, so hats off to you, Katniss!


    She has seen all of my posts and quizzes! I encourage her to make a quiz or write a list, because I know she has a great mind! She's also a Potterhead, like me! Hats off to you too, Ginny!


    She's another amazing BuzzFeeder! We both share a love for Marvel and Star Trek. Like the other amazing BuzzFeeders, she's seen all my posts and played all my quizzes. I recommend her quiz of 'Answer Personality Questions And I'll Match You To A Breed Of Cat!' She also has great taste! Hats off to you, Movie Freak!


    She’s another amazing BuzzFeeder! I recommend you to play her quiz where she tells you if you’re peanut butter or jelly! Hats off to you, spill the tea!

    If I have missed out any of you, or if you want me to add you here, please tell me in the comments.

    Merry Christmas and a happy new year in advance! Happy holidays! Hope you have a great time! 🎆🎄💖

    Love ya! 🥰


    Another amazing BuzzFeeder! Do play his quiz on comparison of Harry Potter characters! It’s really creative! Hats off to you too, Golfer!


    GG is awesome too! Do play her quiz 'How Many Kids Will You Have Based On The Scrunchies You Choose'! It's very creative and funny! Hats off to you, GG!


    Nat is so cool! She's really positive and funny, and leaves nice comments on my quizzes! We both share a love for Marvel (obviously!), Black Widow, Captain Marvel and Scarlet Witch! Kudos to you, Nat!


    She is really nice too! She is a person who encourages people to do their best, just like Black Widow! We both love Marvel and Black Widow! Kudos to you too, Marvel Women!


    She's really kind and funny, she loves WandaVision like me, and she plays all my quizzes and leaves something positive about them! Kudos to you, MangoWandaVisionCat!

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