11 Stages Of The Victory Dance

Hey winner, #KaCHING! It’s time for your victory dance. Here are some of the most popular ways people celebrate a triumph, and get ready because you'll never feel more like a winner than when you earn unlimited 1.5% cash back with the Quicksilver® card from Capital One®.

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2. Warm it up — The Spin and Hail

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Due to its ease, the spin move is a big favorite amongst babies and old people. It's a classic way to let everyone know you're happy about something.

5. Now let it all go — The Freak Out

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This move is intermediate level — be sure that your joints are prepared. Reserve "The Freak Out" for epic wins or to use ironically with big fails.

6. Now really feel it — The Whoop Whoop

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This move only requires the upper half of your body, so it's great for desk victories. Perhaps your test is cancelled? You just finished your taxes? Someone tagged a really good photo of you? Let the world know, boo!

7. Get coordinated — The Remedial Boogie

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Nearing the advanced level, "The Remedial Boogie" is for those who are just learning to step up their victory dance game. 1) You're stoked for your win. 2) You're stoked for your upgraded victory dance.

10. This is your day — The Grab-Grab-Heyyy

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This is a very physical dance — if anyone is near you they will most certainly get involved. This is an advanced victory dance, so be sure your victory is on equal par.

11. Unleash it — The Mariachi Twist

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*For Experts Only* If you've just had the biggest win of your life, it's time to pull out "The Mariachi Twist." Also, you should probably be in good shape. And definitely wear a leotard if possible.