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10 Signs You're A No-Nonsense Type Of Person

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1. The concept of "your delivery time is scheduled between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m." is MOST upsetting to you.

2. You will never comprehend why every continent needs different outlets.

Olexiy Bayev /

3. You don't understand how an airline can "overbook" a flight.

Erik Dreyer / Getty Images

4. You don't see how it's possible for your phone's battery to be at 50% and then suddenly drop to 8%.

Guido Mieth / Getty Images

5. You refuse to go to dinner in large groups anymore because trying to split the bill is just too upsetting.

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6. You cannot believe how many movie trailers you have to sit through before you get to watch the movie that you actually WANT to see.

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7. You cannot believe your ears when someone says "Who has time to read the book? I'll just see the movie."

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8. And THIS is you when someone says "recycling is too hard":

9. People who wait in line for their lunch baffle you; don't they realize you can order online and skip the queue?

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10. And almost nothing upsets you more than going to buy a pair of shoes and encountering this:

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