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14 Babies With Swag For Days

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1. This tot who knows how to deal with the monsters under her bed: / Via HillariousGifs

2. This extreme sports enthusiast who's so used to the extreme that it's getting kind of boring:

3. This pee-wee pong player who can smash the competition with a simple flick of the wrist: / Via Dotgifs

4. This little guy who's all like, "thanks cat, but I'll take it from here":

5. This child who's got the magic touch:

6. This baby who's all like, "hasta la vista, other babies":

7. This kid who knows how to kick it:

8. This junior Romeo who's not afraid to make a bold move:

9. This future CEO who's already prepared to close business deals on the golf course:

10. This pint-sized diva who's always giving 110%:

11. This little punk who's so rock & roll it doesn't even phase him:

12. This tiny dancer who doesn't need to get dressed in order to impress:

13. This cutie with a taste for the finer things in life:

14. And this baby who doesn't need you to supervise his swag.