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12 Animals Who Should Make It Big In 2014

These furry buddies are certainly destined for great things in 2014 thanks to their star power and charismatic mugs. You too can achieve greatness when you get the Quicksilver® card from Capital One® and start earning unlimited 1.5% cash back. #KaCHING!

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1. Oki the Cat / Via okithecat

Oki's penchant for being the birthday king means this dude deserves to be king of 2014.

2. Momo, Ramu, and Babu / Via momoramubabu

These three best friends will make you wonder if you've ever known love like this.

3. Barkley the Pom

BarkleyThePom / Via

This dog is more stoked than any of us could ever be.

4. Taco the Lazy Cat / Via tacothelazycat

This cat loves to chill, and wants the world to know it.

5. Rosie Pig

Rosie Pig / Via

A little chunker who is also an adroit hot dog thief. Epic win, Rosie Pig.

6. Sir Stuffington the Pirate Kitty

Sir Stuffington / Via

Sir Stuffington is the swashbuckling epitome of resilience. This little man didn't let adversity get in his way — he took to the high seas, and now he's going after 2014 in similar spirits. Arrrgh!

8. Serge the Partying Circus Llama

Via Twitter: @x_cappelaere

This adorable circus llama was stolen by a bunch of drunk French teens and taken for a night on the town. His good sportsmanship should make him the Party Llama of 2014.

9. Moo / Via moo_the_cat

No words necessary. Moo is gonna be HUGE.

10. Yogurt / Via yogurt_thepirate

The cutie queen of love.