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10 Wins We Never Saw Coming

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1. When this dog went from outcast to dominator of the food bowl.


Good job, buddy.

2. When this guy got cold and thought, Today, I will put on my hood differently.


Nailed it.

3. When the mundanity of dinnertime cooking was spiced up by an unexpected kitten.



4. When this victorious seal had an epic win by stealing someone else's epic win.


Gotcha, betch!

5. When this one man rose from the ashes unscathed.


Like a boss.

6. When this epic fail was actually the most chill win anyone has ever seen.


That other guy was just trying way too hard.

7. When this skater braced himself for pain, but rolled away victorious.


Congratulations, man. This never happens.

8. When this guy defied the odds like it was NBD.


But this is actually a very huge deal.

9. When these boys recognized their true potential.


And owned it at the lunch table.

10. When this skier's win-fail-win combo was a fun roller coaster of emotions.


Quite the advanced win.