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The Best iPhone And Android Apps For College Students

Stressed out about the college workload? Organizing your schedule and keeping on top of your school work just got easier with these 10 useful apps for your mobile phone. Sponsored by Capital One Journey Student Card.

  • 1. Graphing Calculator

    Graphing Calculator

    Instead of buying a $200 dollar calculator, download a graphing calculator app for your phone, and breeze through your math classes. Android

  • 2. Chegg


    Books for school can get really expensive, so it's always a good idea to try and rent. Chegg is a cool application where you can search for text books by title or author or even by scanning the bar code of the book with your phone. iPhone

  • 3. Evernote


    Evernote is your resource for taking notes. You can take text, photo, or audio notes and easily search for them on your phone or computer later. Android

  • 4. Wi-Fi Finder

    Wi-Fi Finder

    This app is a no-brainer. Everybody wants free wi-fi, and this app will show you where to get it. Android

  • 5. Wikipanion


    Wikipedia is a great place to get started on your research! (Just don't find everything there.) Wikipanion is a great app for browsing Wikipedia quickly on your iPhone. iPhone

  • 6. Adobe Reader

    Adobe Reader

    Professors often like to send readings in PDF formats. Adobe Reader can help you load the PDFs on your mobile app while you are on the go. Android

  • 7. Droid Scan

    Droid Scan

    Turn your Android phone into a scanner. Amazing. Android

  • 8. No Fear Shakespeare

    No Fear Shakespeare

    Reading Spark Notes just got easier with No Fear Shakespeare. Browse through the Shakespeare Spark Notes with this handy app. iPhone

  • 9. myHomework


    Who says phones can't help you with homework? myHomework is an easy way to organize all of your homework assignments and tasks you need to do for school. Android

  • 10. Angry Birds

    Angry Birds

    Angry Birds is a fun game to play when you need a study break. (But only for a study break!)  Android