• 1. France: Chariot de fromage

    France: Chariot de fromage

    Yes, a whole “chariot” of cheese will be wheeled to your table. [image via]

  • 2. England: Elderflower cordial

    England: Elderflower cordial

    A sweet drink made out of elderberry. [image via]

  • 3. India: Jackfruit Curry

    India: Jackfruit Curry

    Jackfruit cooked in curry spices. [image via]

  • 4. Spain: Tapas

    Spain: Tapas

    Tapas are small plates of appetizers or snacks. They come in all different varieties, and are usually free at bars all over Spain. [image via]

  • 5. Austria: Schnitzel

    Austria: Schnitzel

    Schnitzel is made of fried breaded meat. It’s also really fun to say. [image via]

  • 6. Costa Rica: Chorreadas

    Costa Rica: Chorreadas

    Yummy corn pancakes served with natilla cream. [image via]

  • 7. Japan: Okonomiyaki

    Japan: Okonomiyaki

    Yes, another pancake dish that you can buy from street vendors. Okonomiyaki batter has cabbage and other shredded vegetables and is covered with okonomiyaki sauce and mayonnaise.  [image via]

  • 8. Australia: Vegemite

    Australia: Vegemite

    It’s a spread made of yeast extract. Yes, it sounds… interesting, but it’s an Australian classic! You should at least try it once.
    [image via]

  • 9. Canada: Poutine

    Canada: Poutine

    Mmmm, french fries covered in gravy and cheese curds. [image via]

  • 10. Egypt: Falafel

    Egypt: Falafel

    Deep fried chickpeas that are often served with pita, hummus, and salads. [image via]