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The 10 Foods You Should Try When You Travel Abroad

The best part about traveling abroad? The different kinds of food you get to eat! Here are ten yummy foods you should try, sponsored by Capital One Student Journey Card.

  • 1. France: Chariot de fromage

    France: Chariot de fromage

    Yes, a whole "chariot" of cheese will be wheeled to your table. [image via]

  • 2. England: Elderflower cordial

    England: Elderflower cordial

    A sweet drink made out of elderberry. [image via]

  • 3. India: Jackfruit Curry

    India: Jackfruit Curry

    Jackfruit cooked in curry spices. [image via]

  • 4. Spain: Tapas

    Spain: Tapas

    Tapas are small plates of appetizers or snacks. They come in all different varieties, and are usually free at bars all over Spain. [image via]

  • 5. Austria: Schnitzel

    Austria: Schnitzel

    Schnitzel is made of fried breaded meat. It's also really fun to say. [image via]

  • 6. Costa Rica: Chorreadas

    Costa Rica: Chorreadas

    Yummy corn pancakes served with natilla cream. [image via]

  • 7. Japan: Okonomiyaki

    Japan: Okonomiyaki

    Yes, another pancake dish that you can buy from street vendors. Okonomiyaki batter has cabbage and other shredded vegetables and is covered with okonomiyaki sauce and mayonnaise.  [image via]

  • 8. Australia: Vegemite

    Australia: Vegemite

    It's a spread made of yeast extract. Yes, it sounds... interesting, but it's an Australian classic! You should at least try it once.
    [image via]

  • 9. Canada: Poutine

    Canada: Poutine

    Mmmm, french fries covered in gravy and cheese curds. [image via]

  • 10. Egypt: Falafel

    Egypt: Falafel

    Deep fried chickpeas that are often served with pita, hummus, and salads. [image via]