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    • cap_gun_girl

      You know American is a rich country when they can dedicate this much time and energy into bitching about trivial things. Designers should not have to sit there and think about every little detail to avoid insulting people. At the rate we are going we risk offending everyone and might as well lose all creativity and art, because fuck, we just might insult somebody. What will never cease to piss me off is that people through around the term ‘racist’ way to easy and make it out to seem that all this is considered insulting and racist because it is white models or white designers. What if it was a black model dressed as a geisha or a Chinese model dressed as an Native American, would people care as much? Probably not, because there is no biased historical reason too. But should history really matter in what the future generations can and can’t do? No. If that were the case then all Germans would be Nazis and all Japanese would be Kamakazi and all Russians would be communists… this list can go on. Perhaps the manner in which the head dress was used could be offensive to some but is it offensive to all? And are the reasons for it to be considered offensive just as important as the reasons for which it may not be considered offensive? Yes. This is a win-lose situation for both parties. Consider it offensive and take it away and the art world loses it’s ability to incorporate other cultures and to draw inspiration for fear of offending. Not considering it offensive will cause this issue to fester and might cause some individuals grief.
      This is much to complicated an issue to simply call racist and insensitive, it is also a misunderstanding, an over-examination and exaggeration fuelled be emotion and creativity.
      In a way this issue is akin to separating government and church it is a whole lot more complicated that what the surface shows and both sides feel strong and emotional about the issue. What might be needed to aid the issue is to have cultural consultants, if the designer is inspired by a culture have a Q&A with a person of that culture to see what might be unintentionally considered offensive - however there is the argument there that it might cost extra money and time that isn’t there and might just seem like a hassle or a potential stifling of creativity. That is just my thought, things are not as black and white as people like to pretend. There is no easy solution to this no matter what some may think. Perhaps though, this blow-up, as ridiculous as I perceive it to be might cause another fashion house or company to reconsider or put a bit more research into the culture or symbolisms they plan to channel for their next show.

    • cap_gun_girl

      It is a shame you view the world from such a negative and have this assumption that because she is ‘thin’ and light skinned she must be purposefully ‘shitting’ on Native American culture. You can’t blame today’s people for what they did in the past, if that was the case it would be okay to call all Germans Nazis or all Russian Communists.
      If she can’t wear an item because of what her potential ancestors did does that mean a Chinese girl can wear the head dress as she never invaded and killed Native Americans? And by your reasoning it seems I can’t wear my winter clothing because I am potentially insulting the cultures the wears came from! Moccasins and Mukluks are a traditional wear of Native people, I suppose all light skinned people are racists for wearing those too. Perhaps because I am not Russian I can’t wear ushanka because I am not Russian, I have not been subjected to their historical hardships.  And by your analogy then Zombie, any race that is not wearing it’s cultural clothing but that of another must be racist and purposefully insulting the other race. I should be deeply insulted that upper class American Hipsters wear khakis and plaid shirts, only burly lumberjacks have that right, and those vile Americans fought us in the War of 1812; those Japanese, how dare they wear Victorian inspired clothing! They fought us in WW2!
      My point still stands, you can’t pick and choose who can and can’t be racist and who can and cant be subjected to prejudice - doing so only nulls your point. And yes, the head dress is seen as a symbol of bravery in your culture but it is not in American and I am sure not every American knows that. They had no spiteful intention to wear it, assuming that is ignorant. @ Courtney:
      Get the chip off your shoulder. And learn to read a bit. I never used your ‘calling out racism is racists argument’ I said, that picking and choosing who can and can’t be racist because of their skin and history is being racist. But whatever, what do I know, I am Canadian. I don’t get easily offended and start pointing fingers and yelling RACIST and people who wear clothing from outside of their culture.

    • cap_gun_girl

      Wow, you are on a rage fuelled rampage about nonsense. There is nothing racist on drawing inspiration from other cultures. It would be racist if the girl was painted red, wore tatterd skins and yelled jibberish. Wearing a head-dress is not racist.  Am I a racist because I wear moccasins? Because I wear mukluks? Am I racist because I wear Asian influenced tops that are silk?
      No, it shows that I have an admiration for the culture and the fashion put out by the culture.  If only wearing a headdress make me racist because I am white, than why not label Japanese Lolita girls as racist for wearing Victorian inspired clothing as they are wearing the clothing from my culture.
      Picking and choosing who is racist is being racist.
      Being told I can’t wear a certain article of clothing because of my skin colour is racist.

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