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8 Fun Drinking Games You Can Play At Your Next House Party

Want to make your party more enjoyable with some cool drinking games? There are so many drinking games that you can play in parties. Some of them need some extra instrument, and some of them don’t require any additional things. Though there are different games to play in parties, here I am going to share only those games that are enjoyable

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1. Drunk Jenga / Via

Drunk Jenga is same as the normal Jenga games. But here you need to pick a single block from the pile of blocks. Now you need to set up the block in the stack of blocks. If the stack falls, the person will pick up two blocks. Each block has a different challenge, and the person needs to complete the challenges.

2. Never Have I Ever

In this game. Each one will share some strange stories. This will move round. Here each person will tell something which he/she have never done. Here most of the stories are embarrassing and funny. When you are drunk, you will enjoy more.

3. Baseball Beer Pong

This is a new type of exciting drinking game which you can play in house party. Here two team will play the game. The first team will score some runs and will challenge the other team to score more than that runs. If opposite team make it, they will win. Otherwise, they will lose the game. To play the game, you need drinking glasses. Make sure that you are playing the game after drinking.

4. Thumper / Via

This is an easy game and should be played after drinking when everyone is feeling asleep. Here every person needs to move one hand with a sign, and if he/she fails, he/she will drink. You can add some sound for more fun.

5. Bite the Bag

This is a straightforward and easy game. You only need a shopping bag to play this game. After drinking, every person will try to pick up a bag from the ground only with teethes. If someone fails, he/she will drink more drinks.

6. Card Game

This is a simple game. There will be so many cards with different challenges. After one sip of the drink, a person will take a card, and he/she need to complete the challenge.

7. Straight Face / Via

Have you noticed that drunk people are unable to keep the look straight? So, you can play a game where people need to maintain the face straight. This will be continued. If someone fails to keep the face straight, he should drink again. You will enjoy the game for sure.

8. Ball Throwing

To play this game, you need a table tennis ball and a basket. After getting drunk, every person will try to through the ball in the basket. If fails will drink more drinks.

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