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5 Facts That You Never Knew About Garment Industry

Have you ever thought about the shirt that you are wearing; where was it made? How much do you know about the garment industry? There are so many surprising things about garment industry which most people are not aware of. In some developing countries, successful garment workers are playing a great role in the economy. Some countries are also making thousands of dollars in this sector. This industry is growing rapidly in some countries like Bangladesh because of low labour costs. Here are some interesting facts about the growing garment industry:

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1. Contribution of Garment Industry / Via

As mentioned above, garments workers are playing a great role in the economy of some countries. In Bangladesh, garments industry is the number of export business based on the amount of money. This industry has made a great opportunity for the people of this country. People are making their livelihood based on this industry. This is one of the most powerful industries that is improving the economy of Bangladesh.

2. Some Companies are Doing Great

Though garment workers are working hard, they are not getting acknowledge or rewarded as much. In most of the countries, the wage rate is very low. But some Companies like C&A Foundation are supporting and driving initiatives through “Made In Equality” to transform the way the garment industry workers are perceived.

3. Garments Workers are Hardworking / Via

People in the developing countries have a misconception about the garment workers. Most of the people don’t know that they are working hard to improve the economic condition of the country. People should transform their perception about garment workers. They are not less important for a country. Rather, they are the power of a country.

4. Workers Get Low Wage

Although most of the clothes we buy are expensive, garment workers are not getting paid as highly as we might think. Workers in some parts of the world get only $100/month wage which is equal to one or two jeans customers buy from stores.

5. Producing Cost is Very Low / Via

When you want to purchase a good pant or shirt from local stores, you need to pay a good amount of money. But the actual production cost is minuscule than the retailer price. Garment workers and owners are getting a small portion of the profit, and most of the profits are going to the brand owners pocket.

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