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18 Delicious L.A. Eats To Try This Summer

The only thing worth braving bad L.A. traffic for? Really good food.

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1. Kogi BBQ Truck

Kogi BBQ / Via Flickr: kogibbq

Why Go?: Kogi proves that good food can come on a $2.29 budget.

Local Tip: To locate their daily whereabouts, check their website or Twitter.

Must Try: Blue Moon Mulita — because melted cheese, onions, salsa, and chicken smashed between two toasted tortillas is always a good idea.

2. Papa Cristo’s Catering and Greek Taverna

Franklin / Via dinedelish.com

Why Go?: Papa Cristo himself actually mans the counter and serves you fresh Greek food.

Local Tip: Head here on Thursdays for live music and belly dancing.

Must Try: Taramosalata, because who doesn’t want to try Greek caviar?

3. Santa Monica Farmers Market

Leslie Stephens/Food52 / Via food52.com

Why Go?: All the fresh produce you could ever ask for.

Local Tip: Avoid paying the high prices of the parking garages in the area and park at the garage on 4th St. and Civic Center Drive.

Must Try: Harry’s Berries because it will be the best (strawberry) you’ve ever had.

4. Sqirl Kitchen

Jaime Beechum / Via sqirlla.com

Why Go?: It’s the perfect way to start your day.

Local Tip: Sqirl Away, a takeout extension of Sqirl will open this August.

Must Try: Toast. Whether it’s toast with chocolate ganache, quince pasta, or a fried egg and greens.

6. Sweet Rose Creamery

John Diep / Via schmoozd.com

Why Go?: If you’re looking for locally sourced and organic ice cream, this is the place to be.

Local Tip: You’re limited to 2 samples per person so choose wisely.

Must Try: You will remember their brown butter ice cream for years. At least, that’s the case with us.

7. A-Frame

Catherine Lindblom / Via Flickr: cathrinelindblom

Why Go?: This restaurant is a trip to Hawaii, minus the airfare.

Local Tip: There’s a free parking lot. Hooray!

Must Try: Their O.G. ribs will make you question all the ribs you’ve had before.

8. Wurstküche

Isaac Simpson / Via losangeles.com

Why Go?: It’s the perfect place to take a group, with disco balls and live music to boot.

Local Tip: You can start imbibing their German brews in line, making the wait much more bearable.

Must Try: Rattlesnake and rabbit sausage because when else are you going to eat that?

9. Carmela Ice Cream

Joanne Pio/Freutcake / Via freutcake.com

Why Go?: Diverse flavors like strawberry buttermilk and matcha green tea.

Local Tip: Be patient. The (inevitable) line moves a lot faster than you think.

Must Try: Their rose petal ice cream makes eating flowers the yummiest thing since chocolate.

10. Wood Spoon

Liz Tamanaha / Via pinterest.com

Why Go?: The textbook example of a hole-in-the-wall treasure.

Local Tip: Ask the owner for recommendations — she’ll make sure you don’t leave hungry.

Must Try: This spot boasts an authentic carne de panela.

11. Carneys

Carneys / Via carneytrain.com

Why Go?: Some of the best hot dogs in the world and it’s located on Sunset Boulevard. Yahtzee!

Local Tip: This restaurant is part of history as it’s housed in a 1975 pacific railroad passenger train.

Must Try: The (aptly-named) burger dog — an actual burger with a grilled hotdog on top.

12. Beverly Soon Tofu

Mookie D. / Via yelp.com

Why Go?: It's Anthony Bourdain-approved, and cameo'ed on “Parts Unknown.”

Local Tip: Parking’s limited so go right when it opens, if you can.

Must Try: Combination soon tofu.

13. Urth Caffé

Laura T. / Via yelp.com

Why Go?: It’s a must-go LA classic that’s good for the urth.

Local Tip: Beat the line and order online.

Must Try: Urth's green tea boba tea and breakfast pizza can cure anything — especially hangovers.

14. Father's Office

Elizabeth Daniels / Via la.eater.com

Why Go?: Home to a lot of beers on tap and arguably the best burger in Los Angeles.

Local Tip: Don't ask for substitutions — it's a take-it-or-leave-it kind of place.

Must Try: The Office burger is the heart and soul of this LA gastropub.

16. Bay Cities Italian Deli & Bakery

Andrea G / Via sunset.com

Why Go?: It’s the perfect pit stop on your way out to the beach.

Local Tip: The deli also houses a gourmet market so make sure to bring some extra cash.

Must Try: Satisfy your Italian cold cuts cravings and grab a “Godmother sandwich.”

17. Egg Slut

Cynthia/CNYEats / Via cyneats.com

Why Go?: An LA Eats trip isn’t complete without going to this acclaimed, egg-filled spot.

Local Tip: Avoid weekend mornings or else get ready for an hour-long wait.

Must Try: The Slut, of course. You can’t go wrong with an egg and potato + a baguette.

18. Sticky Rice

Sticky Rice / Via Facebook: Sticky-Rice

Why Go?: This stall is home to the best Thai comfort food in LA. And the line’s too long at Eggslut.

Local Tip: The menu is market-driven so if you see something you like, order it quick.

Must Try: Thai sausage.

For more on what to do and eat in LA, visit Food52.

Leslie Stephens contributed to this post.

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