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    7 Insanely Delicious Ways To Eat Leftover Halloween Candy

    Candy, in disguise.

    What should you do with bags and bags of leftover candy?

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    Eating it plain is always a great option...until it's your 100th Kit Kat.

    Play dress up with your candy.

    We're talking CANDY COSTUMES.

    Costume #1: Ice Cream

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    Grab a pint of ice cream. Chop up your candy. Mix together. Eat. Get the recipe.

    Costume #2: Blizzard

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    Essentially ice cream again but more liquified and on a Dairy Queen level. Get the recipe.

    Costume #3: Trail Mix

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    This is like dressing up as Sporty Spice for Halloween. The candy is pretending to be active and healthy, but really it's all a costume. Get the recipe.

    Costume #4: Cookies

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    Bake your candy into cookies. This may be the best candy costume yet. Get the recipe.

    Costume #5: Apples with Sticks in Them

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    Melt your candy. Dunk an apple in it. Dunk the caramel apple in more candy or nuts. Easy peasy costuming. Get the recipe.

    Costume #6: Granola

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    Even better than the best cereal costume. Get the recipe.

    Costume #7: Candy Corn

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    This corn is so deceiving. Get the recipe.

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