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    • epiphanomaly

      I feel like a lot of these chaps have problems parallel with being really small. Look, let’s not pretend that it’s a non-issue. Size is totally an issue—but it’s one that can be dealt with by, if you will, not being a huge dick. Spend a lot of time on foreplay, don’t just jam it it. There are PLENTY of ladies who are size queens—and there are plenty who aren’t that would be willing to date guys with oversized dongs _if they also had a lot of other things to offer_. It’s like when Dan Savage gives advice to people who complain about not being able to get a date [without reference to cock size]: what are you doing to make yourself dateable? Are you a kind person? A hard worker? Do you volunteer at animal shelters? Do you have interesting hobbies? Do you take care to keep yourself presentable? Do you treat women with respect? Do you focus so much on the size of your dick that you forget to work on turning her on?
      There’s probably something you could be doing to make your partner want to jump on that oversized peen by focusing on their wants and needs. Being “too big” is not, medically speaking, likely to be the real issue, assuming your partner is gynocologically healthy and does not have a few conditions like vagismus or an imperforate hymen. Vaginas are amazingly elastic things; they are literally designed to accomodate a human being passing through them. Your job, guys with big dicks, is to engage with a woman in such a way as to make that beautiful ladycave amenable to you. If a woman is saying you’re too big, chances are really good she’s just not into it—whether that’s because she has a low sex drive or she’s just not digging your penis specifically. Either way you’re only going to find out by talking to her.

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