18 Moments You Must Capture Before Fall Ends

If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it — grab a Canon PowerShot AND SNAP A PIC BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!

1. The moment you realize your pumpkin weighs more than you do.

“Lol, but seriously, help.”

2. The moment you find a golden hue so beautiful that your friends agree to side-hug.


3. The moment you find your spirit tree.

“I’m just really drawn to that red one.”

4. The moment you realize that an apple cider donut is the only donut.

Spoiler: They make them year-round.

5. The moment your friend demands that “autumnal” be the party theme.

“You know, like pumpkins and cider. IDK JUST RESPOND TO THE EVITE ALREADY.”

6. The moment you remember that carving a pumpkin is actually pretty gross.

But worth it. Always worth it.

7. The moment your cousins take the annual game of “500” to a whole new level.

“Dead or alive!”

8. The moment you discover this combo and decide that life is complete.

Candy corn + peanuts = everything.

9. The moment those blanket scarves come out of the woodwork.

“It’s how they’re wearing them now, OKAY?”

10. The moment you realize the seasonal maze is not meant for adults.

But it’s still really hard.

11. The moment your girlfriend shows more interest in her candy apple than your conversation.

“Yeah, no, I’m listening.”

12. The moment you pose in your Halloween costume and pray to God that your friends understand it.

“Ugh. Never mind.”

13. The moment your friend regrets volunteering for the leaf photo.

“It’s really itchy, guys.”

14. The moment you realize you’re a part of the pumpkin problem.

“Err… does sugar-free count?”

15. The moment your two-person leaf battle grows into an all-out war.

Power in numbers.

16. The moment you take the pies out of the boxes and the lying officially begins.

“My grandma. I got the recipe from my grandma.”

17. The moment you get your first whipped cream mustache…

…and the moment you’re like, “Screw it. Selfie.”

No regrets.

18. And the moment someone chooses his first pumpkin.

Just his size.

Photos by Aubree Lennon & Ryan Hynes / ©BuzzFeed

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