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16 Dogs Who Refuse To Let Winter Win

A cold walk is better than no walk at all. Warm up to these bundled pups, all captured on a Canon PowerShot camera. If winter isn't getting to them, why let it get to you?

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...but his tall boots and tight pant cuffs keep him shielded.

12-year-old Cliff has been rocking this look for years. Winter boots like these can protect dogs' paws from toxic irritants like salt and de-icers.

6. Scottie thinks, Sure it's frigid, but we have to keep living our lives.

Wrapped and ready in a fleece-lined jacket, we found Scottie patiently accompanying his owner on a grocery store trip. No temperature is low enough to interrupt his errands.

7. Shadow has places to go and doesn't think "weather" is an interesting talking point.

Sporting a trendy sweatshirt from American Apparel, Shadow is not one to stay inside during the winter. His owner gets her attention by asking, "Want to go to Brooklyn?" We're 100% serious.

...but as long as they have each other, they've nothing to fear.

She's a white Maltese / bichon and he's a dark Shih Tzu. Their matching coats are reversible, but their willingness to go on a walk is unwavering.

...he has no shame in keeping his ears warm.

An Italian mastiff who was born blind, Hank won't let anything keep him from stomping through his hometown of Brooklyn. He's hard to miss — especially in that green.

15. Annebelle's all, "What do you mean 'sub-zero?' I didn't notice."

A rescued* Australian terrier, Annebelle is always eager to take a walk. It gives her a chance to get away from cats (which she notoriously dislikes).

Photos by Aubree Lennon & Ryan Hynes / © BuzzFeed

*Adoption information for Annebelle (#15) can be found here.