14 Things You Can Only See In New York

New York City’s a place like none other. You never know what amazing sights you’ll come across in the Big Apple, so always be ready to capture the moment with a new Canon PowerShot camera.

1. Lines that will last forever.

Chris Gampat / Via Flickr: chrisgampat

2. People who are really into art.

Joseph Lin

3. Breakdancing as a way of life.

Adrian Miles / Via Flickr: akhir

4. Cars (if you own one) are a fashion statement.

See-ming Lee 李思明 SML / Via Flickr: seeminglee

5. A slice of heaven.

Rob Boudon / Via Flickr: robboudon

6. There's never a bad place or time to share a drink with a friend.

Joseph Lin

7. The scariest monster ever.

Nicolas Goulet / Via Flickr: nicolasgoulet

8. Impromptu concerts occur anywhere and everywhere.

aurélien / Via Flickr: aguichard

9. A city that never sleeps.

@yakobusan Jakob Montrasio 孟亚柯 / Via Flickr: yakobusan

10. Having to use this bathroom at a $200 dinner.

Conway L. / Via Flickr: conwayl

11. Buskers who dress to impress.

tsaiproject / Via Flickr: tsaiproject

12. The perfect juxtaposition between man and nature.

Rob Boudon / Via Flickr: robboudon

13. Hot dog stands on every corner.

aurélien / Via Flickr: aguichard

14. The latest in menswear.

See-ming Lee 李思明 SML / Via Flickr: seeminglee

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