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11 Items That You Have To Get For Your Next Black Light Party

Because black light parties are way better than regular parties. No party is complete without Captain Morgan® Cannon Blast — the only rum bottle that glows in black light.

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1. Grab some glow graffiti so your guests can spray-paint the walls with light.


2. If you're DJing the party, definitely give these glow-in-the dark vinyls a spin.

3. And don't forget to rock these glowing headphones to complete the look.

4. Deal some glow-in-the-dark playing cards so you can still get your game on.

5. If you want people to see you dancing your butt off in the dark, make sure you're wearing these glow gloves. Glow high five!

6. The gloves will pair really nicely with these rad light-up shoelaces.

7. Got a brand new blemish on your face? Not a problem. Grab this glowing stache face mask and hide it in style.

8. Or just paint your entire body in black light paint.

9. Halloween black light parties are trickier, so don't forget that glow-in-the-dark fangs exist and they really pop.


10. You can pair those with glow-in-the-dark contact lenses to complete the spooky black light look.


11. Finally, if you're hosting the party at your place, get a bunch of these weird floating light balls to spread around the house for aesthetic purposes.

Make your next black light party special with Captain Morgan® Cannon Blast — the only rum bottle that glows in black light and is also a cannonball.