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11 Extremely Fun Shot Toasts For You And Your Crew

Because there's so much more to say than "Cheers!" when you and your friends clink glasses. No toast is complete without a shot of Captain Morgan® Cannon Blast!

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1. A shot before you throw it down the hatch:

2. A shot for your crew:

3. A shot for an old salty sea dog:

4. A shot for the futARRRRR:

5. A shot for yo-ho-ho from a bottle of rum:

6. A shot to hoping the bar doesn't throw you overboard:

7. A shot for when your heart's been sunk:

8. A shot for a fun night at the barrrrrr:

9. A shot for the people who'd never abandon your ship:

10. A shot about the best booty in the world:

11. A shot for your best mates:

All photos from Thinkstock

No matter the occasion, when Captain Morgan® Cannon Blast is out, you know fun is about to go down.