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5 Classical Composers Who Were The Kanyes Of Their Day

I'mma let you finish that symphony...

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1. Mozart

With over 50 symphonies and hundreds of other works under his belt, Mozart was almost as prolific as Kanye West.

Like Kanye, Mozart was criticised for oversharing and TMI in his time. He enjoyed sexual and scatological humour, and given the opportunity, he would DEFINITELY have used social media to praise his wife's rear.

2. Brahms

Like Kanye, Brahms is known for being the world's biggest fanboy to a famous musical supercouple. His relationship with Clara and Robert Schumann was complicated but he was always a staunch defender of Clara Schumann's musical prowess.

What I'm saying is Brahms was to Clara and Robert as Kanye is to Beyoncé and Jay Z.

Except Brahms was legit in love with Clara Schumann and it was super awkward, so if you're reading this Kanye (and I know you are), don't read too much into this one, okay?

3. Wagner


The debate about whether Wagner was hideously arrogant or just incredibly self-assured has been raging for approaching two centuries now, and there still hasn't been a consensus.

If there had been awards shows in the 19th century, Wagner would have been up on the stage with his cravat all askew, interrupting the proceedings as Franz Liszt accepted the award for album of the year.

4. Shostakovich

Kanye and Shosty both have pretty sweet taste in specs, although Shostakovich's are arguably more vision-correcting than Kanye's.

Shostakovich was known as something of a social justice rebel in his time. His symphonies made controversial comments against the government and like Mr West, he frequently fell from media favour.

5. Beethoven

Beethoven definitely had a touch of the "Resting Kanye Face" and was famous for his grumpy demeanour. Items on his list of top ten most hated things included authority figures and people who talked during his performances.

Oh and if you were doubting the parallels between Kanye and Beethoven, you should probably listen to this work of delightful mash-up genius.

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