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The Ranking Of Winter Olympic Mascots From Cute To Creepy

In celebration of Sochi's, no, the world's, creepiest bear

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What a little heart warming quartet. These little woodland creatures looked adorable both in CGI form and as furry little mascots parading through the snow-covered streets of Vancouver. Would I put the little round one in my pocket? Absolutely.

What The Sochi Mascots Were Supposed To Look Like - 2014


Nothing can go wrong here, right? Look at how fuzzy the bunny is, and look at the polar bear's round little paws. Don't forget that leopard's cool look about him. These little animals are perfect. There's no way someone would turn them into 10 story monsters for their big Primetime debut!


These guys look like Sega and Anime made a hyper little group of babies. They're fun, energetic, and really not that creepy! I'd ski with them any day. The also successfully create a genuine smile, rather than a weird, "I'm gonna kill you" grin. Yes, their names might not be their strong-suit, but they're so happy.

Roni - 1980


Basically, Roni might not be the cutest little raccoon, but he's the ultimate badass. He can successfully pass every event with flying colors. Look at that form! However, we're starting to get into the creepy territory, because he has only ONE expression...

PEOPLE Håkon and Kristin - 1994


Okay, little kids in mittens and colorful wool garments. Cute, but kind of weird. These blonde haired, blue eyed siblings were the mascot of the Lillehammer olympics. Kinda freaks me out.

Vučko - 1984


This little wolf was a perfect fit for the 80's, but do you see that conniving look he has in his eyes, especially for 1984? “Big Brother is Watching You,” anyone?

Magique, the "Man-star/snow imp" - 1992


I'm just not sure why you would choose a "snow imp" starfish elf as your mascot. He just really creeps me out and I'm not entirely positive I could give him a hug back. I'm scared he might poke my eye out.

The Snowlets - 1998


Oh no, the Snowlets, not the Snowlets. Hearing "Snowlet," one would think awwww a little snowy owl...WRONG! You couldn't be more wrong. These look like the owls of a serial killer. Their noses, beady eyes, and strange colors all point to signs, their ready to peck my eyes out and feed me to their young.

What The Sochi Bear Ended Up Looking Like - 2014


Oh man, and I thought the bears from the Miley Cyrus videos creeped my out. The mascots all had such promise. Why animatronics? Why?

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