The Definitive List Of The Best Forgotten Disney Channel Movies

Sure there’s Smart House and Johnny Tsunami but there are so many forgotten gems AKA Walter White as Santa

1. The Paper Brigade

I could stare into Gunther’s eyes for days…

3. Under Wraps

Although Mario was socially incompetent, his face was still so dreamy.

4. Can of Worms

Anybody else remember how horrifically terrifying this movie was? That thing is wearing men’s loafers and is fully equipped with human teeth. No thanks.

5. Horse Sense

There was nothing like a Disney movie with the Lawrence brothers. And look at that sexy cell phone. I wasn’t allowed to have one….

6. Quints

This movie was the prime reason I feared the words “we’re pregnant” from coming out of my parents’ mouths, and gave me a fear of having five children at a time.

7. Stepsister From Planet Wierd

I never really got into this culture, but I remember this movie being a thing.

8. The Ultimate Christmas Present

After seeing this, I wanted to be Brenda Song’s best friend, and I was convinced I’d wake up every Christmas with a miraculous three feet of snow. Also, Spencer Breslin was a round ball of cute in it.

9. ‘Twas The Night


11. Jumping Ship

Ahhh, another Lawrence brothers movie—this time all three. I’d be stuck on a deserted island with them any day.

12. Tru Confessions

Shia Labeouf in HIS PRIME of his acting career…Pulled at my little 10 year old heartstrings

15. Eddie’s Million Dollar Cook-Off

Food. Yes. Cute guy cooking. Yes. Baseball. Yes

16. Pixel Perfect

Phil of the Future dealing with problems of the future? Yes, please.

17. Stuck in the Suburbs

The only movie where Taran Killam will ever play a moody rock star

18. Finally….Miracle in Lane 2

Frankie Muniz as a badass, tearjerking soapbox racer? Why has this movie been forgotten?!?! The best B.O.A.T.S. Disney feature.

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