The 17 Types Of People You Encounter While Shopping

Shopping malls: the jungle of humanity.

1. The Wild-Eyed Bargain Hunter

Don’t even try to go to the sale rack.

2. The Havoc-Wreacking Teens

They just have to vine everything

3. The Judgmental Sales Associate

Warner Bros. Pictures / Via

Oh…you want to wear those with that?

4. The Miserable Boyfriend

Meanwhile his girlfriend is trying on her 20th T-shirt.

5. The Rich Kid

20th Century Fox / Via

Oh, this isn’t on sale? Perfect.

6. The Girl That Looks Good In Everything

Paramount Pictures / Via

She gives you inspiration to try it on, and it immediately becomes the worst decision you ever made.

7. The Disgruntled Customer

Columbia Pictures / Via

What do you mean I can’t return it?

8. The Embarassed Little Boy With His Mom

-Honey, these underwear look great!

9. The Mom Who Shops In The Junior’s Section


10. The Pushy Sales Associate

11. The Mother/Daughter Tag Team

Lifetime / Via

12. The Power Shopper

We’re on a mission

13. The “I Just Lost A Ton Of Weight And Need A New Wardrobe” Person

The CW / Via

You go girl/boy!

14. The Young Professional Spending Their First Paycheck

15. The Person Who Tries On Everything A Size Too Small

16. The Floater

The person who stands in the most inconvenient spot to text.

17. The Mom Struggling To Control Her Small, Unruly Child


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