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The 14 Types Of People You Find On Facebook

We all have fit into one of the molds at one time or another

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1. The Creeper


That person who relentlessly refreshes their ex's page just to "see how bad they're doing."

2. The Humble Bragger

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The person who is telling the world how much better they are than you through terms like #Blessed or "Is this real life?"

3. The Blatant Bragger


Something great just happened i.e engagements, shiny new things, animals, "hubbies," jobs, life in general. Facebook must know.

4. The Ranter

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This person LOVES stating their views and utilizing the First Amendment to it's full extent. To them, they shine during election season.

5. The Promoter

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They are always spreading the news about their next project, including, but not limited to: bands, videos, blogs, BuzzFeed posts, and artwork.

6. The Derp


That one person who always sends chain mail, and gets their "account hacked."

7. The Egotist

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You know that person who always shares their selfies, duck faces, and "modeling pics."

8. The xxscenexx


They post suuuuper depressing lyrics from songs and love black shaggy side bangs

9. The Overly Excited Animal Lover

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This is the person that cannot help but post the next videos of grumpy cats, bunnies, red pandas, etc. or even their own little cat/dog.

10. The Mom

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They always tend to put too much information on each others' walls.

11. The Gamer


Facebook only there for the soul purpose of getting more lives in Candy Crush.

12. The Troll


Nothing gets them off more than finding a mistake in a post.

13. The Lovebird


Their Facebook is all about the dates, anniversaries by month, and pictures of their significant other.

14. The Reporter


Their posts usually begin with SPOTTED or BREAKING. They know the news first, right when it happens.

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