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    24 Reasons Why I Would Actually Marry Prince Harry

    Fox recently unveiled a new reality series, I Wanna Marry 'Harry,' where women think they are vying for the Prince's love. Too bad they won't be getting the actual Prince.

    1. Look at that face.

    2. He knows how to be sassy.

    3. He can be really goofy...

    4. ...but he also has a serious side.

    5. His dancing skills are unreal.

    6. He's adventurous.

    7. He knows how to have a good time...maybe too good.

    8. He's great with kids.

    9. He's at the prime of his life.

    10. He has a sense of humor.

    11. He can rock a rugged look...

    12. ...or a uniform.

    13. He's into Harry Potter.

    14. He's always up for a challenge.

    For example, racing USAIN BOLT.

    15. He's not afraid to act like a derp.

    16. He was the cutest child.

    17. He gives the best high-fives.

    18. He's not afraid to serve his country.

    19. He loves sports.

    20. He loves his family.

    21. He's very involved in charity work and giving back.

    22. He hates Geometry too!

    23. He's an animal lover.

    24. He's technically still single.