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23 Baby Selfies To Get You Through Finals

These kids aren't even four, and have a stronger selfie game than you

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1. Someone's having a party at their place tonight

2. This girl's seen a little too much Paranormal Activity

3. The "Sup" Snapchat

4. This guy could not be more excited about his new Excersaucer

5. Someone just got the night off

6. The Wannabe Grandpa

7. The party's gotten to be a little too much to handle

8. "Hell yeah bro"

9. The perfect double chin Snapchat

10. She woke up like this

11. Sorry, no paparazzi

12. This fashionista got a new dress

13. Mom N Me

14. This guy's ready to eat

15. Channeling his inner Miley

16. Someone's got a secret

17. The FaceTime Selfie

Via Rachel Martin

18. I'm ready for Disneyland

19. Time to get glam

20. She is NOT feelin' this

21. Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed

22. Now, what's this camera thing?

23. Hey Girl


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