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    19 "Speggtacular" Ways To Decorate Easter Eggs

    Oh, you thought it involved just a simple dip dye? Child's play.

    1. Mini Egg Piñatas

    They're even filled. Instructions

    2. Chalkboard Eggs

    Write a friendly message, or use them as a vehicle for passive-aggressive reminders for your roommates. Attempt to make them here.

    3. Chicken Eggs

    They're so dang cute and round. Instructions

    4. Temporary Tattoo Eggs

    Don't like the design? Just scrub em with soap and water.

    5. Spongebob, anyone?

    Martha Stewart was feelin' a Spongebob vibe when making these. Instructions

    6. These Beauties

    The secret? Just roll it in sprinkles.

    7. An Easter Egg Family

    They're actually easy to make. Instructions

    8. Eggs Dipped in Gold Confetti

    They kinda look like eggs with a Jennifer Lawrence haircut. Instructions

    9. Hipster Chic Eggs

    Just grab a roll of twine and walk outside.

    10. For the Pantone fan in all of us

    A new twist on dip dye. Tutorial

    11. Egg Selfies

    Let's face it: we all love looking at ourselves. Tutorial

    12. Napkin Eggs

    Love your napkins? Just paint them onto an egg. Tutorial

    13. Floral Eggs

    Just stick any 3D sticker you want on an egg and voilà! You have a work of art.

    14. Mustache Eggs

    Give your Easter eggs a little character. Tutorial

    15. Embroidered Eggs

    No, really. They are physically embroidered. It's not an illusion. Instructions

    16. Chicks in an Egg

    This person can make half an egg anything for a toy chick. It even has little oars. Instructions

    17. Ombre Eggs

    This design involves a clever DIY Lazy Susan and spray paint. Instructions

    18. Thread Wrapped Eggs

    Easy, simple, and eye catching. Instructions

    19. Brown and White Eggs

    Just take a white paint pen, and draw whatever you'd like on a brown egg.