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    19 "Speggtacular" Ways To Decorate Easter Eggs

    Oh, you thought it involved just a simple dip dye? Child's play.

    1. Mini Egg Piñatas

    2. Chalkboard Eggs

    3. Chicken Eggs

    4. Temporary Tattoo Eggs

    5. Spongebob, anyone?

    6. These Beauties

    7. An Easter Egg Family

    8. Eggs Dipped in Gold Confetti

    9. Hipster Chic Eggs

    10. For the Pantone fan in all of us

    11. Egg Selfies

    12. Napkin Eggs

    13. Floral Eggs

    14. Mustache Eggs

    15. Embroidered Eggs

    16. Chicks in an Egg

    17. Ombre Eggs

    18. Thread Wrapped Eggs

    19. Brown and White Eggs