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20 Frustrating Things People Do That Are Totally Preventable

Male or female, we all seem to have these problems.

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1. Leaving drops of urine on the toilet seat

Nope...And while we're on the topic of bathrooms...

Nope...And while we're on the topic of bathrooms...

2. Not flushing the toilet

3. Shaking your hands all over the bathroom counter after washing them

Paramount Pictures / Via

There goes my brand new dry clean only shirt.

4. Stop responding at the most pivotal part of your texting conversation

Universal Pictures / Via

The thing is... I know you're there....

5. Including you in a group text you have no business being in

NBC / Via

Please make it stop

6. Taking forever in the bathroom when you're standing outside desperately needing to go

Disney / Pixar / Via

7. Talking absurdly close to your face


So are you trying to kiss me, or what?

8. Getting on your elevator just to go one floor down

9. Wearing sunglasses inside

Warner Bros. Pictures / Via

You're not famous

10. Coughing/sneezing without covering their mouth

TLC / Via

11. Bailing right before you need to meet for a project/anything important

12. Talking riotously loudly on the phone next to you

DreamWorks Pictures / Via

13. Purposely boxing your car in on a two lane street

Warner Bros. / Via

14. Taking up two parking spots


15. When one person reserves a spot for 20 people in a line

16. Stepping right in front of the picture you're about to take


Please continue your conversation

17. Parking absurdly close to your car in a spacious lot

18. Taking the seat directly in front of you in an empty movie theatre

Paramount Pictures / Via

My feet now have no where to rest but the ground

19. Interrupting you


Hey so something serious happene--DO YOU KNOW WHERE THE SHAMPOO IS

20. Searching through their wallet/purse to pay with exact change

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