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17 Things We've Learned From Justin Bieber's Deposition Video

Who knew there were so many sides to the Biebs?!

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1. He's really butthurt about the whole Selena thing

2. He doesn't understand "I object" is meant to be said with passion

3. Apparently he has really bad short term memory loss

4. Like really bad...


5. Hearing digitized footage being called film disgusts him

6. He's really into the traditional father/son relationship

7. He's obviously preparing for his role as Leonard in the remake of Memento

8. He has a thing for Katie Couric

9. He loves phrases that are dripping in sarcasm

10. He got one thing right

11. He's just a soft spoken guy who knows how to throw shade

12. Tap water isn't his thing

13. He can't help it if he's just really really ridiculously good looking

14. He's actually 5 years old

15. He's not really a fan of Usher


16. He's really tired, okay?

17. He's still a total Tool


You stay classy JBiebs

Check out the whole video here:

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