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15 Senior Citizens You Need To Start Following On Twitter

Who said getting old was a bad thing?

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2. John Cleese - @JohnCleese

Twitter: @JohnCleese

Why: He's not afraid to make fun of his own age. The Monty Python alum's page even says, "Yes, I am still indeed alive, contrary to rumour, and I am touring my one Cleese show." If you want some funny and smart humor, follow him.

4. Josie Dimples - @J_DIMPS

Twitter: @J_DIMPS

Why: This is her background photo, and she tweets things like "What the hell is going on with everyone? Why is everyone so freakin weird these days?" AND "@lindsaylohan Miss Lohan, Grandma Dimps here." Get it.


7. Leona Flowers - @MupTheQueen

Twitter: @MupTheQueen

Why: After being called the coolest grandma ever by the Huffington Post, why not? She's Miles Teller's grandma and isn't shy about posting how proud she is of her grandson. Also, her photos are star studded, like the one above.


15. Charles Green - @TheAngryGrandpa

Twitter: @TheAngryGrandpa

Why: On the total opposite end of the spectrum, there's Charles Green, the Angry Grandpa, WHO TWEETS IN ALL CAPS BECAUSE HE'S YELLING. Although his videos have been shocking and controversial, he's interesting to say the least. (Warning: strong language)

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