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    • candicestg

      I think this person should stick to McDonald’s and convenience store coffee. Cold coffee cost more because it uses more beans and takes 24 hours to make. Flavored syrup is gross, I don’t like drinking beaver butt. Soy milk does cost more, but paying $10 for coffee is ridiculous. Sweet and Low and Equal are not good for you. The pictures you shared look like they were taken at a legit coffee shop were agave is probably offered as healthy sugar alternative. Never had a problem ordering food, I’m guessing that it is your negative attitude not what you’re ordering. I haven’t seen a coffee shop without wifi in years. I find the signs amusing. The clientele is sometimes odd, but you never know what you can learn from them. I’ve seen much weirder tattoos. Yes, most 23 year olds are hungover. I’m sure once they get a real job they’ll be more responsible, but restaurants and coffee shops don’t require much nor do they pay enough to care. You used prices twice. The music is probably chosen by the employee because they’re the ones there for 10 hours. LOVE LOVE LOVE the furniture and coffee art. I don’t think you’ll have these problems at lower end places. I’ve never had the desire to try them, I love my local coffee shops.

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