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14 Times "Wishbone" Inspired You To Read

"What's the story, Wishbone?"

1. When each episode name was a cute pun on a book title.


And when you read your favorite books you immediately imagined the lead as a cute Jack Russell Terrier.

2. When he made the classics relevant by pairing them each with a modern day life lesson.


And it lead you to look at the parallels in your own life.

3. When he made reading look cool and sophisticated.


You could even hear him narrating in your head when you read on your own.

4. When he suavely charmed Catherine Morland with his literary refrences.


And you knew that one day you'd hopefully date someone who shared your love of literature too.

5. When he played Romeo and introduced us to the Bard.


And was debonair AF.

6. When he encouraged Joe (his human) to read.


"Come on Joe, it's time for Ivanhoe!"

7. When he made literary heroes seem cooler than superheroes.


With his ON POINT Robin Hood impression.

8. When he investigated mysteries as Sherlock Holmes.


And you clung to the edge of your sofa to find out whodunit.

9. When he played Rip Van Winkle and grew an old-man beard.


And you immediately wanted to read Rip Van Winkle to find out more details about how someone could still be alive after sleeping for a century.

10. When he made Greek myths memorable.

Big Feats! Entertainment

Cutest (and tiniest) Hercules ever.

11. When he made literary references while Ellen was feeding him dinner.


"Please Ellen, can I have some more?"

12. When he told the story of Joan of Arc and stood up for gender equality.


And encouraged Sam to try out for the boy's soccer team, gender be damned.

13. When the "Halloween Hound" episode gave you your first taste of horror with a spooky re-telling of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.


And Wishbone naturally made the perfect Ichabod Crane.

14. When he introduced you to The Odyssey — and you later realized that his version was waaaaay easier to understand than in high school.


Basically, Wishbone's imaginative abridged versions of stories are the reason why you're a book nerd today.


Reader for life.

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