19 Times Mushu Was The Greatest Character In "Mulan"

    "Dishonor on you! Dishonor on your cow!"

    1. When he had the best intro of all time.

    2. When he unwaveringly helped Mulan despite significant doubt from the guardian ancestors.

    3. When he adamantly and adorably insisted on being a dragon, despite glaring evidence to the contrary.

    4. When he kept abreast of the news.

    5. When he got up early to cook Mulan a delicious breakfast on her first day in training.

    6. When he gave Mulan life advice AND made sure she had plenty to eat.

    7. When he wanted to get to the bottom of everything.

    8. When he motivated himself and Cri-Kee with the perfect nickname for the Huns.

    9. When he made Mulan practice her "war face," then was brutally honest about how effective it was.

    10. When he was always Mulan's #1 cheerleader.

    11. When made a valiant effort to improve Mulan's "manly" image.

    12. When he wasn't shy about making it known ~exactly~ how he felt.

    13. When he took one for the team to spare Mulan from being exposed.

    14. When he saved Cri-Kee multiple times.

    Despite all their bickering, he truly loved that little cricket.

    15. When he masterfully sledded down the mountain on a shield, searching for Mulan.

    16. When his firepower literally saved Mulan from being killed by the Huns.

    17. When he mastered the art of looking more intimidating than he really was.

    18. When he helped set off the fireworks that saved Mulan from Shan Yu... and ultimately all of China.

    Hero status.

    19. When he persisted in helping Mulan, despite all his haters and with the odds stacked against him.

    Whether he was a dragon or a lizard, Mushu was a hilarious, pint-sized badass.