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    29 Times Tumblr Was Florida AF

    Bless the Sunshine State.

    1. This poor pup:

    2. This ultimate homewrecker:

    3. This Christmas surprise:

    4. This sign that could only be found in the Sunshine State:

    5. This great wall of OJ:

    6. This impressive lil' sidekick:


    7. This Floridian date:

    8. This unfortunate situation:

    9. This trending news feed:

    "His dog drove the car during chase."

    10. This golfing gator:

    "Leave him alone he's just trying to golf."

    11. This poor unfortunate soul:

    12. This panty raid:

    13. This puppy vigilante:

    14. This unforgettable proposal:

    15. This party inflatable:

    16. This interesting trade:

    17. This license plate that somehow got past the DMV:

    18. This case of mistaken identity:

    19. These entrepreneurs:

    "Police said they confiscated over $10,000 in cash, five crack pipes, and a baby alligator."

    20. This UCF counter-protest:

    21. This concerning viewer poll:

    22. This vacation summary:

    23. This foot sniffer:

    24. These misadventures:

    25. These wild passengers:

    26. This lurker:

    27. This unique statue:

    28. This breaking news story:

    29. And this surfer, just out for an afternoon ride:

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