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19 Things Everyone Who's Dated A Type A Knows To Be True

Don't try to come between them and their planner.

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1. They always want to plan your next date far in advance.

NBC they can put it in their planner. EVERYTHING is written down in their planner.

2. Nothing makes them crazier than when you misplace something of theirs.


Especially when you didn't stick to their specific style of organization. "It's color-coded — it's not that hard!"

3. They always want to leave the house extra early for events.

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You're used to arriving at the airport at least two hours early when you're with them. Or hearing, "You can finish your makeup in the car — we don't have time!"

4. Doing chores for them can be more of a hindrance than a helpful gesture.


Putting away their clothes? They have a certain way they like things folded and lined up... and they'll end up re-doing it if you don't do it "correctly."

5. They're not tolerant of lateness.

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You're picking them up at 8:00 — no later than 8:05!

6. They're multitasking ALL the time.


"I'm listening babe, I'm just quickly responding to this email from my boss."

7. They take pride in correcting any errors you make.

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OK, thanks Hermione.

8. If they've overlooked something or made a mistake, they have a hard time letting it go.


You sometimes think you might be dating the personification of perfectionism and wish they wouldn't be so hard on themselves.

9. They FREAK OUT about sudden change.


They like to prepare for things as far in advance as possible... let them know the minute you're even considering re-locating for a job.

10. They're always on the lookout for maximum efficiency.

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They're well-versed in shortcuts and you better believe they insist on the most efficient way to stack the dishwasher.

11. They need everything to be clean and tidy. There's NO other option.


Can't stop, won't stop.

12. They're detail-oriented to the extreme.

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Got a haircut or bought a new outfit? They're the first to notice and offer you a compliment or critique.

13. They typically don't like it when you surprise them.


You ~think~ you're being sweet when you throw them a surprise birthday party... but they actually would have loved some advance notice.

14. They make everything a competition.

And they usually beat you because they're so damn efficient.

And they usually beat you because they're so damn efficient.

15. When hosting a party, they stress about making everything perfect.


And usually drag you into the madness of meticulous party planning.

16. When you're on vacation together, there's always a strict itinerary YOU HAVE to stick to.


If you want to deviate from the original plan, GOD HELP YOU.

17. They get upset when they don't have access to their planning materials.

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18. Telling them to "calm down" will never end well.


It's hard for them to turn off their thoughts and just relax.

19. But ultimately you bring out the best in each other because you're the perfect balance of personality traits.


You to help them loosen up and they help you be better organized. It's a win-win.

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