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20 Reasons “Carmilla” Is The Best Show You’re Not Watching

Buckle up, Creampuffs.

1. So the show's leads, Laura and Carmilla, are ADORABLE together...

Vervegirl TV / Via

2. ...and they actually have chemistry.

Vervegirl TV / Via

Good lord.

3. It's the ultimate treat for fans of vampire fiction, with references galore.

Vervegirl TV

It's a reimagining of the novella Carmilla, which was written by Sheridan Le Fanu and came out in 1871, predating Dracula by 26 years. Dracula was even heavily influenced by Carmilla. It references "Buffy The Vampire Slayer," Anne Rice novels, and more. And in case you were wondering, it's not a damn thing like Twilight.

4. Nearly all of the main characters on the show are relatable women.

Vervegirl TV

It passes the Bechdel test with flying colors.

5. Elise Bauman (as Laura Hollis) has epic facial expressions and perfect comedic timing.

Vervegirl TV / Via

A hybrid of Veronica Mars and Hermione Granger, Laura Hollis is a lovable, plucky little heroine.

6. One of the main characters, LaFontaine, is non-binary/genderqueer.

Vervegirl TV

LaFontaine is revolutionary, being one of the *first* genderqueer characters who is integral to a show/webseries.

7. Queer crushes and relationships are treated as the norm.

Vervegirl TV / Via

They're refreshingly *no big deal*.

8. Although the entire show is shot Vlog style, the acting and writing is so engaging you'll hardly notice.

Vervegirl TV / Via

The show is engaging and dynamic, because the writers have MAD SKILLS.

9. It has one of the best lesbian slow-build relationships you can find.

Vervegirl TV / Via

Laura and Carmilla start out at odds, forced together as dorm roommates... and things slowly shift throughout Season One. Their relationship arc is a fresh (and at times torturous!) take on an old archetype.

10. The setting, Silas University, is a character in and of itself.

Vervegirl TV / Via

Complete with hauntings, mutated fungus, a vampiress dean, and a gaping hellhole.

11. Carmilla is the first female vampire of her kind: she's witty, ultimately good, and *doesn't* sparkle.

Vervegirl TV

Plus she single-handedly makes reading sexier.

12. It excels at transmedia storytelling.

@HeyCarmilla / Via Twitter: @HeyCarmilla

There are several Twitter and Tumblr accounts that correlate with the happenings in the show, providing even more depth for viewers.

13. LaFontaine & Perry are one of the cutest BFF pairings...

VervegirlTV / Via

...who could possibly become more. #LaFerry

14. It's perfectly tongue-in-cheek, balancing humor and nodding to predecessors while managing to trail blaze its own path.

Vervegirl TV / Via

Why yes, that's O negative in that tumbler cup.

Vervegirl TV / Via

Plus it's perfectly campy.

15. It has a winning combo of humor, drama, and engaging characters.

Vervegirl TV / Via

16. It gives subtle nods to other fandoms.

Vervegirl TV / Via

*Paging the Doctor*

17. There are plenty of cute gingers.

Vervegirl TV / Via

18. Season One is shot in *one room*, yet there's action galore.

Vervegirl TV / Via

Most episodes leave off at a tantalizing cliffhanger.

19. When we get a ~puppet show~ instead of a flashback.

Vervegirl TV / Via

Best way to tell a backstory ever.

20. And did I mention how *adorable* these two are??

Vervegirl TV / Via

Still not convinced? Just watch the trailer:

View this video on YouTube

So buckle up, Creampuffs.

Vervegirl TV / Via

It's time to binge watch Carmilla.

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